Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Industrial Engineering
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Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Industrial Engineering

Program Objective

This undergraduate program provides students with the basic knowledge and application skills in management, computer technology and mechanical engineering, and with the ability to use English language and computer. Students can pursue a career in enterprises related to manufacturing, electron, computer application, financial, service and various sectors. Students become advanced skilled persons in technology and management able to analysis, plan, design and manage various complicated management and production systems.

Learning Outcomes

Students will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

1. Solid grounding in both natural sciences, humanities and arts, and ability of lecturing and writing in Chinese languages;

2. Ability to use English language and computer and the skills of literature searching;

3. A broad understanding of theoretical and technical foundation in industrial engineering, including systems engineering, operations research, management, human factors in Engineering, quality control, reliability engineering, production and operations management, project management, logistics, supply chain management, system simulation and other computer and network technology;

4. Skills to analyze and solve the problems related to production organization and management in enterprises especially in manufacturing enterprises, self-learning ability and innovative thinking, and understanding of its trend and current stage of development;

5. Understanding of theoretical and technical foundation and skills in mechanical engineering;

6. Capability of scientific research, development and management.

Main Disciplines

Mechanical Engineering


Computer Science and Technology

Program Length and Degree

Duration: 4 years

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Visiting campus