Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Product Design
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Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Product Design

Program Objective

This program is designed to nurture talents in Design of Products, Information Interaction and Environmental Art.

Learning Outcomes

Students of this program will acquire

1. Solid basic knowledge of natural science and arts subjects, Strong grounding in humanities and

social science, market economic management as well as environmental protection and good command of expressing in native language

2. Theories, methods of industrial design and the art of visual communication

3. Computer application skills, all-round development in the creation, appreciation, expression of Industrial Arts

4. Grasping the professional knowledge in certain specialized fields Understanding the frontier and developing trend of industrial design.

5. Independent learning ability and innovation thinking, capability of scientific research, development and production management.

Main Disciplines

Products Design, Exhibition Design

Program Length and Degree

Duration: 4 years

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Arts

Visiting campus