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State Engineering Research Center of Numerical Control System

State Engineering Research Center of Numerical Control System was established in November 1999 with the admission of National Science and Technology. From then on, it was successively rated as excellent in the evaluation of National Engineering Center in 2003, 2007 and 2011. As a national NC technology research and development platform, it hatched Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd, and is a support unit of China NC System Standard Committee. It founded “The Technology Innovation Strategic Alliances of High Performance NC System and Application Industry” in 2013, with the approval of the Ministry of Science.

It is the most important base of basic theoretical research, basic applied research, high performance NC system development and application, advanced professional personnel training, international academic communication and cooperation in the field of domestic high performance NC technology research. Aiming at urgent demands of advanced NC and manufacturing equipment in aviation, aerospace, power equipment, automotive and ship manufacturing, it carried out fundamental NC technology research, advanced manufacturing technology and methods research, and has made a significant influence in basic and application technology research of high performance NC.

It tackled and accomplished over 100 national projects: National Major Projects, National 973 Projects, National 863 Projects, National Science and Technology Support Programs, National Natural Science Foundation Projects. Many achievements at international advanced level have been made: including 2 National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education, over 80 national invention patents, 50 software copyrights, 300 papers, three national key new products, the development of 16 national and industry standards.

The department brings together a number of researchers in NC systems technology, servo drive and servo motor technology, digital processing technology and programming, robotics, which is leaded by academicians of the Chinese Academy and experts in the fields. Its research fields include intelligent high performance NC system architecture technology; key technologies of high-speed and high-precision motion control; multi-axis and multi-channel control technology; intelligent NC technology based on large data, EPC system network, GPS; on-line measurement and dynamic compensation technology; high performance NC system fieldbus technology; high performance NC system servo control technology; NC cloud service platform and network technology; merging technology of CAD/CAM/CNC key algorithms and complex parts processing; NC system secondary development platform technology; special NC system Technology; NC system reliability technology; robot control and programming technology; equipment dynamic characteristics and active control technology; NC and IC equipment technology.

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