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State Engineering Research Center of Enterprise Information Application Software (Wuhan)

State Engineering Research Center of Enterprise Information Application Software (Wuhan), formerly known as CAD center, was established in 1986. In 1988 CAD center became the Electrical Industrial Modern Design Technology Research and Training Center, then turned into the National CAD Application Engineering Training Network Center in Wuhan in 1992. It was identified as "CAD Pilot Province Technical Support Unit" in 1994 by Hubei Province and Wuhan. The state Engineering Research Center of CAD Supporting Software, which is the only approved official engineering center by the National Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education in enterprise information field (consisted of Beijing and Wuhan Center), became one of the main unit of national research, development and application of CAD/CAM technology. It changed its name to “State Engineering Research Center of Enterprise Information Application Software” in July 12, 2002, and developed into an all-round base of domestic enterprise information application technology (research, development, training, and publication). It was rated as National Excellent Engineering Center by the National Science and Technology Assessment Center in August 2000, August 2009, and November 2012.

Engineering center has a 3400 m2 teaching and research base and 22 full-time teachers (including an Academician of Engineering). Based on the idea that "product modeling is base, optimal design is body", aimed at manufacturing information technology needs, committed to address critical, fundamental and common major technical problems in CAD applications, it not only contributes to the development of discipline, but also devotes itself to promote traditional industries technical transformation and high-tech industrialization. It hatched three domestic well-known software companies: Wuhan Tianyu Information Co., Ltd., Wuhan Tianyu Software Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yuan Software Control Co., Ltd.

Engineering Center, adhered to the coordinated development of “industry, academic, research” mode, takes "people-oriented" and "indomitable spirit" as guiding ideology, and has made remarkable achievements. In the past decades, it has undertaken more than 200 projects, including National 973 Projects, National 863 Projects, National Natural Science Foundation Projects, National Major Science and Technology Projects, and received the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) University Leadership Award and 4 National Science and Technology Progress Award. It published more than 20 monographs, and graduated more than 100 PhDs and 400 Masters.

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