The Grand Opening of the “Discover at HUST” Chinese language+ AI Robot Summer School
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On the morning of June 17th, the opening ceremony of the "Discover at HUST" Chinese language + AI Robot Summer School, jointly organized by MSE and the National Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, was held grandly in the Mingde Conference Hall of the Wutongyu Wenxue Center. The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhang Fen, the Chairman of MSE, with the participation of Prof. Zhou Liping, Dean of the School of International Education, Prof. Yin Zhouping, Dean of MSE, Prof. Chen Rong and Prof. Tao Bo, Vice Deans of MSE, Prof. Shen Weiming, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, representatives from the Engineering Practice Innovation Center, as well as all teachers and students of the summer school.

Firstly, all participants took a group photo with university leaders such as President You Zheng and Vice President Zhan Yiqing. Following that, Zhang Fen announced the official start of the opening ceremony, and Dean Yin Zhouping delivered an enthusiastic welcome speech. He first extended a warm welcome to the international students who came from afar. After briefly introducing the development status of MSE, he emphasized that Chinese language + AI Robot Summer School has strengthened the exchange between MSE and world-renowned universities. He encouraged students to learn across fields, integrate traditional engineering knowledge with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, broaden their horizons, and face the future.

Subsequently, Prof. Zhou Liping, Dean of the School of International Education, delivered a speech. She expressed that the International Education School has been committed to providing international students with excellent academic resources and cultural experiences. She hopes to further deepen international students' understanding of Chinese culture and technology, and promote mutual exchange and learning between Chinese and foreign academics and cultures.

Prof. Zhao Huan, the teachers’ representative, shared his research achievements and insights in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, encouraging students to actively participate in scientific research projects and cultivate innovative spirit and practical abilities.

During the introduction session, Ms. Yan Wei, Director of the Admissions Office of the School of International Education, introduced in detail "Discover at HUST" program and scholarship funding policies, providing guidance for international students interested in furthering studies at HUST. Ms. Wu Siqi, the international student counselor of MSE, explained in detail the various issues of the summer school, including course arrangements, practical sessions, and logistical support.

Finally, Zhang Fen announced the official start of "Discover at HUST" Chinese language + AI Robot Summer Project.

It is reported that the enrollment for this Chinese language + AI Robot Summer School project has been incredibly popular since its launch. Ultimately, 79 outstanding international students from 13 universities, including RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Birmingham University in the UK, UC San Diego in the US, and the National University of Singapore, representing 23 countries such as the US, UK, France, Germany, and Singapore, have enthusiastically participated. In the coming month, international students will study and exchange in MSE. Through course lectures, practical innovation training, visits to enterprises/laboratories, humanities courses, and other activities, they will explore the mysteries of artificial intelligence and robotics and appreciate the profound Chinese culture.

(Photo by Ouyang Junyi)

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