6 things I love about the HUST Summer School
Author:Sandra Raquel Groudas-García from RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Edit:欧阳俊怡       Release time:Jul 2, 2024       click:

  • 1) The university in the forest

Home to over 180,000 trees, which means that 72% of the campus is green, you can feel the peace and quiet of the forest right on your doorstep.

  • 2) Environmentally friendly campus through electric vehicles

You can find all electric vehicles on campus such as bicycles, mopeds, cars and buses. You can study with a neutral fingerprint!

  • 3) Modern facilities

I was very impressed by the modern facilities and the very well equipped, comfortable and clean classrooms, buildings and cafeterias.

  • 4) The variety of the programme

We had in one week from DIY Chinese folding fan to assembly of robots.

I really like the varied programme, with very interesting classes from experienced professors, practical training at the Centre for Practice Innovations, company visit to a prestigious medical technology company and learning from the rich Chinese culture.

  • 5) The accommodation

The building in which we are staying shows that it has been designed for international students and that every detail has been taken into consideration for our comfort.

  • 6) The city of Wuhan

I have never been to a mega city like Wuhan before and I can say that I am very impressed with everything that Wuhan has to offer: the rich history, culture, food, museums and much more!

Thank you HUST and the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering for this unique experience!

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